Next Conference is In Person!
October 1-3 –
Wichita KS!


October 1: 6PM Executive Board Dinner (all are welcome!)

October 2: Morning technical presentations, afternoon tour of NIAR Test Facilities, late afternoon – social event!

October 3: Morning technical presentations, sponsors seminar, afternoon general business meeting.


Hyatt Place at Wichita State University
Registration Link Here

Conference Registration details to follow!

    Call for Presentations!

    We are now accepting submissions for technical presentations. This is a wonderful opportunity to present to a technically well-versed, engaged, and curious audience! Submission deadline is August 30, 2024

    Technical Presentation Requirements:

    The Presentation should be 30-40 minutes including Q&A

    The presentation should be centered on strain gages and strain gage measurements including:

    • Strain gage sensor technology (materials, compensation techniques, sensors for extreme environments, technology limitations, etc.)
    • Strain gage measurement circuits – new techniques for measuring strain
    • Applications of strain gages – interesting tests and test techniques, interpreting test data, how to overcome measurement challenges that were faced.

    The presentation must be technical rather than commercial in nature. Product or service-based sales presentations will be rejected.

    We do have international attendees at most conferences, so consider whether there are restrictions on the content you are presenting.

    Presentations and Q&A are audio recorded, and your presentations may be distributed to attendees at a later date.

    We welcome contributions from any person, whether previously involved in the WRSGC or not. The presentation criteria and process are somewhat flexible, as many companies have legal, export, or proprietary limitations on what information can be submitted.

    For consideration, please submit a brief abstract. This should include a title and be limited to 100 words or less.

    Make your submissions to the arrangements chair ( and Doug Firth ( no later than August 30, 2024.

    This presentation may be made available to attendees of the current, and future, conferences. In cases where legal, export, or proprietary limitations apply, WRSGC can accept whatever content is allowed by your company.