The WRSGC is actively seeking new member organizations in industry to participate in the committee. Interested organizations should write a letter expressing the desire to participate in Committee activities. The letter should be addressed to the Vice Chairman-Secretary of the Committee and should be signed by a member of the requesting organization’s technical management, which will officially commit the organization to membership in the Committee. The letter should also contain the name of the proposed delegate who will represent the organization at committee meetings. The delegate should have strain gage and measurement engineering expertise and be a person who will contribute to the free exchange of information on all aspects of strain gages, transducers, instrumentation and measurement systems.

Each member organization’s delegate or his/her alternate are expected to be present at all meetings which are held in the spring (virtually) and fall (in-person) each year.

The Membership will become effective when approved by the Elected Members of the Executive Board.

When elected, the new Member will be so notified by the Vice Chairman- Secretary in time for participation in the next Committee meeting.

The WRSGC consists of members from companies and government agencies around the world.
Our members include:

Major Aircraft Companies

National Laboratories

Propulsion Engine Manufacturers

Government Facilities

Aerospace Research and Development firms

Strain Gage, Transducers and Instrumentation manufacturers.

WRSGC Member Companies

Advanced Hi-Temp Strain Sensors

B. F. Goodrich

Boeing D&S – St. Louis

Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Boeing Test & Evaluation – Seattle

Boeing D&S – Huntington Beach

Cleveland Electric Laboratories

CIT Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dragon Wings/Minebea

Frontline Management, Inc.

Hamilton Precision Metals

HBK, Inc.


Honeywell Engines & Systems

Honeywell/FM&T – Kansas City


Instrumentation Consultant – John Quinley

Interface, Inc.

Lebow Products

Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics

Lockheed-Martin Space Systems

Lockheed-Martin Tactical Aircraft

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Luna Innovations

MTS Systems Corp.

NACCO Materials Handling Group

NASA Dryden F.R.C.


Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc.

Rdf Corp.

Sandia National Laboratory – Albuquerque

Sandia National Laboratory – California

Solar Turbines

Stein Engineering Services, Inc.

Strain Gage and Instrumentation Services

Stresscoat, Inc.

Tovey Engineering, Inc.

Valid Measurements

Vishay Precision Gages


VTI Instruments Corporation